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Testing IE on Mac

From time to time I need to test Angular apps on Internet Explorer. This is a short introduction on how to setup a virtual machine with Internet Explorer and develop on your host machine (in my case a Mac, but maybe this would also work for other unix machines).

First you need to download VirtualBox if not installed yet.

Next step is to go to and select a virtual machine that includes your needed IE version. As aplatform please select VirtualBox and download the zip file (Attention this file is alomst 5 GB big, don’t do this on mobile).

Unzip the VM you downloaded and copy the folder to a permanent place. After that open VirtualBox by clicking on the *.ovf file.

Spin up the VM and open notepad as administrator (the password is given on the Microsoft page; to open notepad search and right click on the notepad icon - for those like me who didn’t use Windows in ages). In your notepad you need to open the following file C:\windows\system32\drivers\etc\hosts and add   outer

to the end of the file. This will pipe all request to to your local machine (in my case my Mac).

When you start your angular webserver you have to add a special flag, so the webpack webserver will not block

ng serve --disable-host-check

Now you are able to look at your Angular app in the VM’s IE by browsing to

Microsoft suggests to create a snapshot, because the license for the VM is only 90 days vaild. So I would recommend to do the snahpshort right now, when everything worked.